Technical and Engineering Services

Date of Release : 2018/10/03

Engineering services in the exploration and mining

It has been years Kanifaravaran company is active in the field of Metal Mines with its experienced personnel , the activities include : exploration , design  extraction , Mineral extraction , etc.

Engineering feasibility studies of mineral deposits

It`s possible to study the feasibility of mineral deposits before extracting, and it`s will prevent the waste of energy and special facilities in high risk projects.

Laboratory services in chemical analysis of mineral

Processing factory`s Laboratory has got progressive equipments and experienced personnel in chemical analysis of chemical and minerals. This Laboratory is one of the most progressive and advanced Laboratories in the region of inorganic materials.

Mineral processing services in Laboratory and semi industrial Scales

There is a ability in the company to provide mineral processing services in Laboratory and semi industrial Scales and it has carried out numerous projects in this field. Implementation of this experiments is vital and inevitable for designing flotation Lines before industry phase.

Providing of industrial and mineral utilization of projects

The company has provided carried out lots of Industrial and Mineral Projects.

Designing and installing mineral processing factories

The company in building mineral processing factories from initial design phase to the installation phase with its technical experts.

Contractual Services projects in mining and mineral industries

Management and Operation of industrial and mining units have been always a concern of managers and Operators and the experiences of the Company Can be very useful for providing Contractual services in mining and mineral industries.

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