Energy efficiency

Date of Release : 2018/10/03

Today, productivity of the energy systems used in production process represent an important step toward reducing the production costs, so that mineral processing companies shall pay a particular deal of attention to this concept.
Seeking enhanced productivity in the production process, Kani Faravaran Tehran Engineering Company utilized its expert capabilities to implement an energy consumption optimization plan at Mansourabad Processing Plant (Yazd, Iran). Upon completion of the first phase of the plan, the set target of 15% reduction in energy consumption was successfully achieved. The ongoing second phase of the plan pursuits an energy consumption reduction target of 25%.
One of the other systems typically embedded in mineral processing plants is the energy and water control system, which plays a significant role in the production process and taking the required measures to enhance the plant productivity. Utilizing an online energy and water monitoring system, Kani Faravaran Tehran Engineering Company monitors energy and water consumption in the plant on real-time basis; this has improved the production process in the Mansourabad Processing Plant (Yazd, Iran)

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