About us

Kanifaravarn Tehran Eng. Co. was established in 1996. this company is completely private and the main goal of establishment of this company is exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and offering technical and engineering services to mineral and industrial companies especially metallic ores. With reliance to its practiced experts and experienced engineers and different machineries and equipped lab. This company is ready to do following attempts: Production of zinc, lead and copper concentrate Engineering services for exploration and exploitation of mines Engineering services for feasibility study of mineral resources Laboratory services for chemical analysis of minerals Mineral processing test in laboratory and pilot scales Preparing mineral and industrial proposal Designing, establishing and installing mineral processing...


Energy efficiency

Today, productivity of the energy systems used in production process represent an important step toward reducing the production costs, so that mineral processing companies shall pay a particular deal of attention to this concept. Seeking enhanced productivity in the production process, Kani Faravaran Tehran Engineering Company utilized its expert capabilities to implement an energy consumption […]

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Portable mineral processing plant

Processing of the ores exploited from small low-grade ore bodies, in one hand, and remote location of such mines, on the other hand, have made it a challenge to provide adequate infrastructures for such mines. In many cases, the mentioned challenge have ended up abandoning these mines. Application of portable mineral processing plants not only […]

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Lab Services

The Laboratory existed in  Mansourabad factory has got two atomic absorption devices in addition to required facilities for titration exams. It contains of sample preparation room and scale room that make it the most equipped laboratories of Yazd it is also possible to do testing and analysis of mineral in the Laboratory. Mineral processing Laboratory […]

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Technical and Engineering Services

Engineering services in the exploration and mining It has been years Kanifaravaran company is active in the field of Metal Mines with its experienced personnel , the activities include : exploration , design  extraction , Mineral extraction , etc. Engineering feasibility studies of mineral deposits It`s possible to study the feasibility of mineral deposits before […]

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